Ivory Caps Glutathione Skin Whitening Max Bio-Active 1500mg 60 Caps

In 2004 the Herbal Researcher of Ivory Caps embarked on a business plan to develop most powerful product for supporting skin lightening. the most effective, safe for normal use… the container that will keep the ingredients fresh and active. Upon completion, the product was officially named Ivory Caps and this new formula incorporated the industry’s latest research and most cutting edge technologies. After two years of tests and trials, it was finally available for the public in the fall of 2006. Since then, the Herbal Researcher has been continuously improving the formula and product line with new innovations making Ivory Caps the most advanced formula on the market today

Ivory Caps is an enhanced skin lightening supplement utilizing a high potency proprietary Skin Essentials Glutathione Complex for optimal results. Every ingredient in Ivory Caps Skin Essentials Glutathione Complex has been clinically tested to provide maximum skin enhancement benefit.

-60 Capsules each
-1500mg Glutathione Complex
-100% Natural – Improved bio-active formula
-Prevents the oxidation (darkening) of existing skin melanin
-Precipitates the shedding / removal of melanin laden skin cells
-Regulation / Reduction of pigment production
-100% Natural Brightening Supplement
-Assists in the absorption and utilization of Glutathione and other nutrients
-Vitamin C from several sources optimized to provide enhance benefits
-Key herbs and nutrients including Bearberry (Arbutin) to contribute to even greater skin Lightening support and enhancement benefit.
-Specially developed to work along with the Ivory Caps Skin Regimen.

Every ingredient in the Ivory Caps Skin Essential Glutathione Complex has been clinically tested to provide maximum skin enhancement benefit.

Directions for Glutathione:
As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily, preferably 30 minutes before or after eating, with water or juice. For enhanced benefit, up to 6 capsules daily may be taken in increments of 2 capsules 3 times daily. It is not recommended to exceed 6 capsules daily.

Ingredients for Glutathione:

Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle, L-Cysteine, Green Tea Extract, Hypermellose, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate

Product information
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